Wednesday, June 28, 2017

At What Age Should I Get Orthodontic Treatment?

Some people think orthodontic treatment is only for teenagers but truth is you can get it at any age.

Your jaw is growing the quickest when your are 8 or 9 so it is usually best to expand your jaw and reshape your mouth at that age.

Permanent teeth usually come in around 12 or 13 and that is normally the best time to start full orthodontic treatment.

However some children as young as 4 start orthodontics early to avoid a problem later on.

You can get braces at any age but as you get older the treatment takes longer and hurts more.

By time you are 20, you may need surgery to expand your jaw. However, adults as old as 90 can get orthodontic treatment to fix crooked teeth.

Orthodontic treatment works best and is the least painful around ages 8 to 14 so it's usually best to start orthodontic treatment that age.

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